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For black women and people of marginalized gender, prioritizing pleasure is an act of defiance. On “Sprinkle Sparkle,” the latest podcast from the Louisville Public Media Podcast Incubator, host Nubia Bennett celebrates creating joy in every day, more or less, however you access it. She focuses every conversation around one simple question: How did you center your own pleasure today?

This inaugural episode focuses on deep friendships between black women as a way to practice pleasure. Guests Minda Honey and Shauntrice Martin are longtime friends of Nubia – or, as she puts it, “part of my own fun line.”

They immerse themselves in how they grew up and learned to make the fun of their lives their own. “As black women, we’re taught that you have to fit into that box or you’re too ghetto,” Shauntrice says. “And so, for a very long time, until I was 30, fun wasn’t even on the table.”

Minda defines pleasure as an agency. “I think for women, especially black women, trans women, marginalized women in general, as we take more power over our lives in general, it makes sense that we also take more power when it comes to pleasure.”

Check out the trailer here, listen to the episode below, and find it on your podcast app of choice. We still have twelve episodes to come, and if you put us on your watchlist, you’ll get a weekly reminder to sprinkle some sparkle into your day.

Episode 1: Pleasure as liberation


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