League player discovers potential “pay-to-win” animation confusion with Space Groove Blitzcrank skin


A League of Legends player has found a unique way to trick enemy players through the use of Blitzcrank taunts. In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, a Blitzcrank player literally laughed in the face of his enemies, forcing them to run away before even casting an ability.

In the clip, the Blitzcrank player, critically using the champion’s Space Groove skin, presses the hotkey Ctrl-4 to laugh as he approaches enemy champions. Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab (Q) animation is similar to his laughter in his Space Groove skin, with one major difference: the two animations show him holding out a different hand. When Space Groove Blitzcrank laughs, he extends his left arm, while using his right arm to throw Rocket Grab.

Yet even despite the disparity in which arm is used for these animations, the idea of ​​a Blitzcrank player quickly approaching you before presenting their arm to you will unlock a knee-jerk reaction in most cases. League players. In the clip, all enemy players tricked by the Blitzcrank player are shown using key evasion tools and abilities in order to keep themselves from becoming addicted.

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From an Ezreal player’s Arcane Shift (E) to an enemy Yasuo’s Wind Wall (W), the Blitzcrank player in the clip was able to bait major abilities with his laugh to open a window to use Rocket Grab (Q). Instead of having their hook attempt thwarted by these evasion tools, they used their laughter to give the illusion that they were about to pull in their enemies, but tricked them into moving into a position. much more advantageous.

League players and fans in the comments section of the original clip have debated the clip’s authenticity, saying that the gameplay events taking place in the clip are staged and edited. Others in the comments debate the competitive integrity of Space Groove Blitzcrank, saying the skin is potentially “pay-to-win”.


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