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The so-called “Summer Boys” are featured in a new baseball podcast. Also this week, a new series shares the stories behind some of the world’s most successful documentaries. There’s also a new podcast where black writers tell their stories and how identity informs and intersects with both craft and language. And a new comedy crime mashup that tells a scripted story from an NPR-esque podcast host. Here are some of this week’s news in podcasting –

The Baseball Betting Show with Greg Peterson is a new daily podcast from iHeartRadio. The series provides viewers with the odds, data and information they need to plan their bets with a quick overview of all the baseball action. It’s hosted by nationally known Las Vegas-based handicapper Greg Peterson, who breaks down the betting overview for every baseball game on the MLB Slate of the Day.

The dangerous art of documentary is a new podcast from Double Elvis. Hosted by filmmaker Tiller Russell (Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer, Operation Odessa, Silk Road, and more), the podcast reveals the stories behind some of the world’s most successful documentaries. Known for some of today’s most thrilling documentaries, Tiller now swaps the camera for a microphone, sitting down with other documentary makers for gripping, in-depth conversations surrounding the complex process of producing a gripping documentary. . In season one, listeners can hear documentarians like Allen Hughes (The Defiant Ones), James Gay-Rees (Amy, Senna), The Way Brothers (Wild Wild Country, Untold), Jaimie D’Cruz (Exit Through the Gift Shop), Joe Berlinger (Conversations with a Serial Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes), Mark Lewis (Don’t F** With Cats) and Emmett Malloy (Biggie: I Got A Story To Tell).

“It’s an honor and a pleasure to be able to collaborate with them in this very personal attempt to learn from the masters of the craft, how they do what they do and why,” says Tiller. “For listeners, we hope it’s an intimate journey into the weird and fascinating game of non-fiction cinema.”

The Dangerous Art of Documentary will release new episodes every Thursday.

black writing is a new podcast from TheGrio Black Podcast Network. The series is hosted by Maiysha Kai, lifestyle editor for theGrio. With weekly episodes featuring wordsmiths across mediums and genres, Kai’s podcast will showcase the myriad ways black people tell their stories and how identity both informs and intersects with craft and culture. speech. Each episode will be a unique conversation with black authors, journalists, poets, playwrights, songwriters, comics and more speaking from across the spectrum of black culture and experience.

Kai has established herself as an expert in arts, culture and aesthetics. With a background in modeling, singing and songwriting, being a published author and editor in her own right and even having a Grammy nomination under her belt, theGrio says her conversations are worth listening to for all audiences.

Upcoming guests include poet, songwriter and writer J. Ivy, comedian and television writer Sam Jay, author Robert Jones, political commentator Keith Boykin, bestselling young adult author Ayana Gray, political commentator Bakari Sellers and British author Candice Carty-Williams.

The Writing Black podcast debuts Sunday, August 14.

Yes it happened is a new podcast from Agua Media. The podcast is about those inexplicable moments in our lives: remarkable testimonies of real people recounting transcendental events. Spirits, entities from another planet, seismic energy or mere coincidence? This weekly podcast tells these stories, which originate and are collected in the Caribbean, Mexico and throughout Latin America. The host, Mario Gongora, is a professional voice-over talent based in Florida and Texas. He is currently the voice of Fox Channels Latin America, two regional television networks, several national and international IVR systems (including Disney+ Latin America).

Blocked is a new scripted true-crime and comedy podcast from Headgum. The podcast follows a brash winemaker with a secret past, his missing girlfriend, and an abandoned Louisiana thug who drags an investigative journalist into a mystery that quickly consumes his life and career.

In the series, Miles Fletcher, an audio reporter for NPR-esque “Public Radio America”, is contacted one day by Jeffers Tatum Trench, an affable but troubled young man from rural Louisiana. Jeffers alleges that Lyle Le Monde, a famously brash Napa Valley winemaker, is living under a false identity, and Lyle’s girlfriend, Frances Meyer, who disappeared several months prior, was murdered by him.

What follows is an immersive mystery populated by absurd characters and massive red flags that unfolds like a game of whack-a-mole. Each time Miles identifies a lead, a new one appears in its place.

The cast includes Anthony Gioe, Whitmer Thomas, Jon Gabrus, Betsy Sodaro, Mary Holland, Dan Klein, Josh Ruben, Ally Beardsley, Lou Wilson and Natalie Palamides.

“Corked is our spin on two fundamental pillars of the podcasting world that have become iconic genres – true crime investigations and public radio that shine a light on society’s ills – to understand what makes these stories so compelling, persistent and sometimes a bit formulaic in how they’re told,” said co-creators Jonathan Grimm and Giancarlo Fiorentini. “We are grateful to Headgum for the opportunity to create a show that allows us to both celebrate and confuse the podcast canon, while allowing us to swing for the fences in terms of silliness.”

Corked co-creators Giancarlo Fiorentini and Jonathan Grimm are childhood friends who grew up across the street from each other. Their relationship with Headgum dates back to their CollegeHumor days, where they made over 1,000 videos during their tenure as in-house directors, including nearly 600 episodes of Webby’s award-winning CollegeHumor series “Jake and Amir,” which at this time day has garnered over a billion views. In addition to Corked, they have also written for Disney, Comedy Central, MTV, Funny or Die and many others.

Untold Legends: Ora Washington is a new podcast from BBC Sounds. The seven-part series (hosted by former American basketball player Renee Montgomery and tells the story of Ora Washington, who was a talented athlete who flourished in her favorite sports of tennis and basketball, in the 1920s and 1930s. By the time she retired, she had played 12 years of tennis unbeaten and won 201 trophies for both tennis and basketball. Her achievements placed her among the best female athletes of the 20th century. Montgomery will unpack Ora’s journey: her incredible accomplishments and struggles on and off the court, while drawing parallels to her own experiences.Untold Legends: Ora Washington debuts August 29.

Partition is a new podcast on iHeartRadio’s Next Up list aimed at bringing new voices to podcasting. The show is hosted by Pakistani-American writer, film programmer and host Neha Aziz, who recounts how friends and neighbors became enemies and murderers during the partition of India. Azia shares accurate and truthful facts about the score while adding her own anecdotes and commentary related to her discovery and research. The score begins on August 15.

Missed Fortune is a new Apple Original podcast which is a co-production with High Five Content along with 30 Minutes West and Outside Magazine. Hosted by journalist and former Outside Podcast host Peter Frick-Wright, Missed Fortune is based on the true story of one man’s years-long quest to find a million-dollar treasure hidden in 2010 by the merchant of eccentric art Forrest Fenn.

Since the hunt began, thousands of seekers have gone in pursuit of the treasure, and at least five of them have lost their lives in the process. Missed Fortune follows a seeker for eight years, on a hunt that triggers a series of unintended consequences. As Fenn’s treasure draws international attention, people are forced to re-examine exactly what Fenn set in motion.

The first three episodes of the nine-part season will be released on Monday, August 15. The podcast is produced by Frick-Wright, Andrew Jacobs and Robbie Carver.

Ciudad Magica is a new scripted crime drama from Tenderfoot TV And Sonoro. The Spanish-language series stars actress Stephanie Cayo (Club de Cuervos) and actress/singer Tessa Ia (Narcos: Mexico). Ciudad Mágica is a six-part thriller set in Miami. It follows the story of a young woman who disappears after moving there to pursue a singing career, and the journalist who will stop at nothing to find the truth with a mix of music, crime and betrayal.

Listen is a new podcast from Talkhouse Creative Studio and Mailchimp Studios. The show explores how some of the most acclaimed, inventive and beloved musicians hear and process the world around them. Structured in three acts, each episode of Listening invites the listener to try out their star artist’s ears and discover what their world is like, before hearing the composition that was produced specifically for the program, then taking a step behind the curtain to learn the processes and motivations that drive the artist and his work.

The ten-episode inaugural season will feature both conversations and new compositions from artists such as Björk, Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee, Mdou Moctar, Neko Case, Laraaji, JLIN, Stephin Merritt, Vagabon, MC Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger and father and son Jeff, Spencer and Sammy Tweedy – who run the podcast. The Wilco founder and his sons discuss their experience of listening, creating and playing music together.

Talkhouse and Mailchimp Presents will continue to unveil two new episodes of Listening on a weekly basis for the next three Wednesdays, complete with the exclusive release of each individual artist’s composition as a standalone piece in the series’ stream.

On the edge with Slash is a new sports podcast from Bleav. Hosted by former NFL quarterback Kordell “Slash” Stewart, the podcast will focus primarily on football – both NFL and college games – but will also venture into other areas. sports, such as professional golf. Bleav says Stewart is one of the most talked about quarterbacks of all time, starting in college and then moving to the NFL. “Slash” has had several stops in the NFL, which could help him now that he’s looking to build a podcast following. Stewart was a second-round pick from Colorado in 1995; he led the “Miracle in Michigan” in 1994 when his Buffaloes beat the Wolverines following a Hail Mary Pass late in the game. Stewart then moved to the NFL where he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1995 to 2002, leading the Steelers to the AFC Championship Game as the top seed in 2001. Stewart also played for the Chicago Bears and the Baltimore Ravens.


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