HBCU Grads Talk Classic Sitcoms On ”Adult ‘Hood” Podcast, Ep 3


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Alejandro and Lexi with the curls are back with the nostalgic shenanigans—this time, reflecting on the classic ’90s sitcoms that still reign supreme to this day.

From “New York Undercover” to “Martin,” lifelong TV lovers remember the shows they still love nearly three decades later.

Over the course of 6 episodes (produced by Cam P), Alejandro (Est. 1983) and Lexi (Est. 1984) will have honest discussions about dating (at nearly 40), navigating the entertainment industry, managing late-thirties anxieties, and much more.

They will also interview’90s iconsdive into taboo topics, highlight essential movies/shows to watch, and potentially connect with celebrities like Master P and Countess Vaughn.

Born and raised in Hampton, Virginia, Lexi is a one-time Instagram Story maven, wandering influencer, Mercury Retrograde survivor, and Gemini-Cancer cusp who loves a good murder mystery, classic 90s sitcom, and marathon’ 90 Day Fiancé’.

The son of Trick Daddy and Rachel True in another life, Alejandro is a nostalgic lover of pop culture, nerdy women who love trap music, thick aunts who have fun with Frankie Beverly, and crab legs who ate crabs. lemon chili wings with Andre 3000.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, he’s a Publix-loving dreamer who developed his old soul watching “Matlock,” “In The Heat Of The Night” and “Touched By An Angel” with his grandmother.

Together, they form a dynamic duo who hope to one day stop people from pronouncing the “L” in salmon.

Check out the third episode (and subscribe!) below:

For more information on ‘The Adult’ Hood: A Podcast For Geriatric Millennials’, click here.

#TheAdultHood: Our favorite geriatric kids talk classic 90s sitcoms, Steve Urkel sleeping on Myra Monkhouse, Velma being THAT girl on “Scooby-Doo” and more in the latest episode
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