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Globant (NYSE: GLOB), a digital-native company focused on reinventing businesses through innovative technology solutions, today announced the launch of its Retail Studio. With this new service, Globant seeks to help retailers stay ahead of industry changes, with tools for complete supply chain visibility and automation while reinventing retail through at phygital experiences that drive customer engagement.

With the Retail Studio, Globant offers its customers a complete view of the value chain of this industry. It will drive new business models by creating impactful customer experiences and empowering integrated, scalable and open technologies to facilitate change and new services.

“Today’s customer journey features several new touchpoints of engagement across marketing, sales, and service. Traditional retailers are struggling to keep pace with rapidly changing trends, and it’s also imperative maintain efficient and coordinated processes,” said Diego Tártara, Chief Technology Officer at Globant. “We believe Globant is uniquely positioned to help reinvent the retail industry. We want to enable retailers to move to a one-stop-shop to meet multiple consumer needs and break out of their traditional verticals to create new revenue streams such as financial products or insurance. »

The new Retail Studio will take advantage of data analysis and artificial intelligence to automate business decisions that unlock new opportunities, ensuring a flexible and adaptable organization. Additionally, the Studio will help clients create a digital corporate culture, empowering talent to accelerate transformation and adoption.

“We live in a time of rapidly changing consumer buying dynamics and behaviors as consumers seek more personalized and impactful experiences,” said Dariyus Setna, Senior Managing Director and Head of Global Retail Studio. “Globant helps retail and consumer goods companies stay at the forefront of customer needs and technology trends to reimagine the way these businesses deliver engaging experiences that create meaningful impact and drive engagement. consumer acceptance. Through the automation of tasks and processes, the integration of cross-brand touchpoints, the increased use of real-time analytics and the metaverse, and the deployment of robotic process automation ( RPA) and chatbot technology for routine and menial tasks, organizations can free up store employees to focus on improving the crucial customer interactions that build customer loyalty. »

This new Studio will feature five unique practices with the following key differentiators:

  • Closer to the Customer: Help customers transform end-to-end shopping experiences, creating human-centric, data-driven and technology-driven experiences, both in the online and offline world.
  • Smart Loyalty: Uses data and technology to unlock the power of loyalty and extend it to monetize data to partners and other stakeholders.
  • Transform operations: Globant helps companies transform and redefine every step of their day-to-day operations and strategies using cutting-edge technology and analytics.
  • New generation commercial management: Help customers with smart pricing, next-gen merchandising, smart loyalty, and floor sales enablement.
  • Beyond innovation: Support organizations with digital innovation and alternative business models.

Retail joins the Reinvention Studios portfolio, which focuses on transforming specific industries, including games, media and entertainment, life sciences, and automotive studios, among others.

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