First ad agency signs on to use Sounder’s brand safety tools. | Daily News Podcast


Brand safety continues where many podcast advertiser conversations lead, which has helped audio intelligence platform Sounder ink deal with a growing number of producers and publishers. Now in a first, an ad agency has signed Sounder. BAM Strategy will use Sounder’s Audio Data Cloud to help clients identify relevant and brand-safe audio placements for their advertising campaigns.

“As audio evolves from a digital perspective, we have smarter ways to target, and Sounder’s technology is a key part of that,” said Adam Muscott, SVP of BAM Media. “We see ourselves as extensions of our brand clients and want to help our brands find the most relevant, safe and brand-friendly content to place their message in. Sounder helps us find inventory of podcasts very relevant that we would not have known or could not have targeted before,” he said in the joint announcement.

Sounder’s Audio Data Cloud leverages proprietary voice recognition technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning models to give large publishers quick access to auto-generated episode ratings, full transcripts, keywords, to abstracts, topics, and other data points in extensive content libraries. . Data enables publishers to maximize the value of their content catalog. The technology relies on both categories and ratings from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Global Alliance for Responsible Media to act as the default floor for its episode ratings.

Montreal-based BAM Strategy, which also has offices in Brooklyn, NY, handles media buying for clients including Enfamil, Mucinex, 3M and Durex.

“This partnership, our first with a leading advertising agency, creates better results for marketers, audio editors and listeners,” said Kal Amin, CEO of Sounder. “By connecting brands with previously hard-to-discover content, we’re opening up new opportunities for everyone involved.”

In recent weeks, Sounder has also announced deals with publishers, including Audacity, DAX, audio hook, Jam Street Mediaand Spoken layer, whose clients include Condé Nast, Hearst, The Economist, Time and Dotdash Meredith. Earlier this year, iHeartMedia not only signed on to take advantage of Sounder technology, but also became an investor in the company.


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