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Season 12, Episode 75 of The terrible podcast is now in the box. On that Monday show, Alex Kozora and I immediately talked about the Pittsburgh Steelers’ road win over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday and the other craze around the NFL in Week 18 that culminated in a playoff spot for the team

We are entering the wide range of emotions that we both experienced on Sunday. We’re also spending time on some decisions made in Sunday night’s game between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Los Angeles Chargers that kept the game from ending in an overtime tie.

Alex and I cover Sunday pre-game trades, roster moves and more. We also discuss what we know about the health of the Steelers coming out of Sunday’s game against the Ravens.

As usual, Alex and I review the good, the bad and the ugly from the last Steelers game. There are a lot of parts and individual performances to cover so that we run through them on a regular basis. We’re talking about the playoff squad, the work head coach Mike Tomlin has done this season and more.

Steelers outside linebacker TJ Watt tied the sack record on Sunday, which is obviously discussed on this show in addition to not getting credit for a sack early in the game.

There was a Sunday morning report regarding Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert that Alex and I discuss later on this show.

As usual, Alex and I close this show by replying to several emails we have received from listeners.

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Glasgow Crime Stories: New podcast unveils city’s infamous past Mon, 10 Jan 2022 05:00:04 +0000 The success of true criminal podcasts such as West Cork, The Last Podcast On The Left, and The Teacher’s Pet presented enthusiastic listeners with cases of murder, extortion, fraud and kidnapping from around the world. Some involve notorious serial killers such as Jack the Ripper or cases such as the so-called Black Dahlia murder, which rocked Los Angeles in the late 1940s and remains unsolved. Others are more recent and less publicized, like the murder of American high school student Hae Min Lee, which became the basis of the award-winning series.

Now a new podcast series, Glasgow Crime Stories, launching today, aims to delve into the city’s criminal past and explore both famous cases such as the Bible John murders and less tradition-steeped crimes. such as those of Alan Hasson, a disgraced former grandmaster. of the Orange Order who was imprisoned for fraud. More than that, the podcast will tell the story of the city itself: through the analysis of the perpetrators, their victims, the police officers who demanded justice for them, and the milieu in which they lived and died.

Narrated by actor Alex Norton, better known as DCI Matt Burke from the popular crime television series Taggart, the podcast is the brainchild of veteran crime reporter Norman Silvester and is based on a series of articles in course of him in the Herald’s sister newspaper, The Times of Glasgow.

“We tell the story of the current police investigation and the inner workings of it, but we also tell the story of the victims and give them a voice,” says Silvester. “We obviously also tell the story of the culprits. And there are variations: we are doing up-to-date things on organized crime figures who were murdered as well as more historical things… There is a lot of interest in the social history of the city and often the best. way to tell this story is through crime. ”

But although Glasgow is mentioned in the title, the potential audience is global for the simple reason that crime and the common reasons for crime – greed, passion, revenge – are universal.

“The crime in Glasgow is absolutely fascinating, it is by no means parochial,” says Silvester. “While we don’t glorify crime or try to exploit it, the city has a fascinating connection to crime and I think a lot of stories translate anywhere.”

The first episode, available to listen to now, tells the story of legendary crime boss Arthur Thompson. Beginning with his days as a money lender pinning debtors’ hands and feet to the ground, he progressed through the 1960s, when he allied himself with infamous London gangsters, the Kray twins, until her death in 1993. By this time her son, Arthur Thompson Jr., was already dead, shot dead outside the family home in Provanmill two years earlier.

“He ticks so many boxes,” says Silvester. “Although he was powerful for several decades, the peak of his power was the 1960s and there is obviously a fascination with that era. A lot of people don’t know it was linked to the Great Train Theft. People forget that the train started in Glasgow and I always thought it was important because you needed someone in Glasgow to organize things. I’ve always been told that Arthur Thompson was involved in this and it has never been denied. But it shows you at what level these people could be operating. It was not just a question of small provincial thugs operating from the subdivisions. The extent of their influence, especially in the case of Arthur Thompson, was national and extended as far as London.

Other episodes will deal with Bible John as well as cases of Henry Senior, Willie McCrae, Alexander Miller, Moira Jones and Eleni Pachou. Together, they cover nearly a century of crime in the city. Senior was murdered by two men at Queen’s Park Recreation Ground in 1920 after being lured there by a prostitute. Miller murdered younger siblings John and Irene McMonigle in a heist at a Govan home in 1976 and has been held in a secure psychiatric unit since his indefinite imprisonment. The bodies of Jones and Pachou were found 24 hours apart in May 2008, the first in Queen’s Park, the second in the kitchen of Di Maggio’s restaurant in the West End.

Both women suffered violent deaths, but like the murders of Henry Senior and John and Irene McMonigle, their killers have been brought to justice. The case of Willie McCrae, however, has long puzzled police and amateur detectives. Lawyer, anti-nuclear activist and SNP activist, McCrae was found conscious but seriously injured in his car in April 1985, apparently in an accident – at least it was believed until a bullet lodged in his brain. He passed away the next day and the facts surrounding his death remain controversial to say the least.

Of course, in many of these cases there are sensitivities to consider regarding the friends, partners and family members of the victims.

“One of the things I’ve tried to do in each of the stories, whenever possible, is contact family members and let them know the story is unfolding,” says Silvester. “In some cases we have quotes from family members… we are aware that even if you take the Bible John murders of the late 1960s, there are still quite a few family members of the victims who are still alive. ”

Police investigating the Bible John murders erect a tent at the scene of the 1968 Langside murder in Particia Docker. Image: daily recording

That said, the general public has a natural fascination with crime and criminals, as evidenced by the ever-renewed popularity of detective stories and television dramas such as Taggart himself.

“But I think if you can present what could be a fictional scenario as a real scenario, people find it even more fascinating. In the end, it’s not always somebody’s imagination. This is real life. It’s happened to people and it always has ramifications. I think there is a real fascination. It doesn’t always justify writing about it, but we try to be sensitive and factual about it. ”

And of course, there is always the possibility that, as has happened on several occasions, new evidence may come to light in the wake of a podcast – new evidence that could well bring a criminal to justice.

“Sometimes people can have information that they are not even aware of,” says Silvester. “It may well be that someone is listening to one of these podcasts and realizes they have information. We are certainly aware of this. Fingers crossed, it would be a fantastic result if we could get some sort of conviction or resolution in a particular case through the podcast. ”

Glasgow Crime Stories will release a new episode every Monday morning on all popular streaming platforms. Tune in to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Amazon Music and listen to the first episode.

In order to honor his brother, the podcast takes a look at NM’s most heinous crimes Sat, 08 Jan 2022 22:02:00 +0000
Eric Carter-Landin is seen in his Podcast Studio. The native of Socorro is doing a podcast called “True Consequences”. (Adolphe Pierre-Louis / Albuquerque Journal)

Through the darkness there will be light.

For years, Eric Carter-Landin has worked diligently to shed light on some of New Mexico’s most heinous crimes through his podcast, “True Consequences.”

“A lot of real crime podcasts are weekly or bi-weekly,” he says. “I’m giving myself time to cover the whole story.”

After a long day at work, Carter-Landin will file public records inspection requests to help him navigate his research.

The podcast is a labor of love – a labor where the roots are particularly close to Carter-Landin.

In April 1987, her mother was working her shift at a local grocery store in Socorro.

She had received a call from her grandmother telling her that she had to leave her little brother Jacob somewhere so that she could go to church.

“My mom only had an hour left on her shift and figured my brother could be safely left with her boyfriend at the time,” he wrote. “Not long after my brother was dropped off, my mother’s boyfriend frantically rushes to his workplace to let him know that my brother is on his way to the hospital.”

Her brother later died.

Carter-Landin covered his brother’s case on the podcast. During the episode, he talks with his mother and goes over the details of the case.

“I hope this episode gets people talking about the issue of child abuse in New Mexico,” writes Carter-Landin. “At first, I didn’t want to release an episode about my brother because I was afraid it would be too intense. I now realize that by telling my story I am breaking my own stigma around this issue and if this story can help a child then it was worth it.

Carter-Landin says Jacob’s killer was never prosecuted for these crimes. The district attorney repeatedly refused to prosecute. The case is cold and it is considered closed by the state police.

“A cold case investigator said in a report that there was sufficient and clear evidence to secure a conviction,” he said. “The reasons why the prosecutor refused to prosecute, not once but twice, are not clear to me. It’s more than frustrating to know that a monster was allowed to brutally murder a baby and get away with it. There are a lot of things that need to change with the justice system. Primarily, prosecutors have to stop trying cases in their mind. “

Jacob Jeremiah Landin, left, and Eric Carter-Landin seen in a childhood photo before Jacob died. (Courtesy of Eric Carter-Landin)

Jacob’s case is what prompted Carter-Landin to create the podcast.

“I watched these child abuse cases and it seemed like every time a new one happened it was the same result,” he says. “I said I would do something about it. The podcast is a perfect way to honor my brother.

Carter-Landin is preparing to launch a new season on February 6. It currently has 71 episodes on

Some of the cases he has presented are the Torreon Cabin Murders in 1995 and the Hollywood Video Murders that took place in 1996.

There’s an episode that takes a peek at one of the most famous outlaws – Billy the Kid.

Of course, Carter-Landin looked into the high-profile cases of Robbie Romero, Baby Brianna, the New Mexico prison riots, Tara Calico, the West Mesa murders, and the Las Cruces bowling alley massacre. Each case has made national news over the years.

“Crimes like these are a huge problem here in New Mexico,” he says. “It’s something that keeps me awake at night. I want to tell these stories. People need to remember these cases and be aware of what is happening today.

It takes hours of research before an episode is ready to record.

Carter-Landin spends around 50 hours producing an episode in his Albuquerque-based studio.

“I really try to go as far as I can because there is so much misinformation going around,” he says. “I work with direct sources. Season five will be all about Dylan Redwine, who has connections with New Mexico. “

Dylan Redwine’s father Mark was convicted of second degree murder and child abuse resulting in death for his death in 2012 in October.

Carter-Landin says his daily job changed dramatically during the pandemic, which caused him to be more in the studio.

With requests for public records coming in regularly, he stayed busy.

“It’s a different approach to real crime,” he says. “I’m not doing ‘Dateline’. I’m an empathetic person and it’s a unique approach. I want to highlight the issues in the system and help define the challenges we have in the state.”

Battlestar Galactica Connected Universe, Star Wars and Scream Fri, 07 Jan 2022 20:00:00 +0000

In the Jan. 7, 2022 episode of / Film Daily, / Film Editorial Director Peter Sciretta is joined by / Film News Writer Ryan Scott to discuss the latest film and TV news, including “Battlestar Galactica”, “Star Wars “, James Gunn, and” Scream “.

Opening plea: The state of the world looks like mid-March 2020.

In the news:

Also mentioned:

All the other things you need to know:

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Spotify wants to turn podcast audio ads into banner ads Thu, 06 Jan 2022 19:14:00 +0000

Podcasts typically pay the bills with audio ads, a premium / Patreon subscription, or a combination of the two. Audio ads have been around for decades, but they’re usually not as profitable for podcasts and advertisers as web or video ads because not everyone interested in the product or service will remember to check it out after a long time. podcast. Spotify thinks they have a solution for this: banner ads.

Spotify quickly expanded its podcast features and exclusive shows, with premium podcast subscriptions rolling out worldwide in November and a new rating system arriving in December. Today, the company is rolling out new functionalities (via 9to5Google) where some podcasts with on-show ads will display an ad banner below the player, containing a link to the ad’s topic. For example, if the show is running an ad for Squarespace, the sign up link might appear below the player.

Spotify Podcast Ads

The new design doesn’t really add any New podcast ads – only easily accessible links to anything the show was already advertising. Still, listeners might not be too excited about the increasingly crowded Spotify podcast experience, especially when some of their favorite shows are only available through Spotify and cannot be used with other players.

Spotify wrote in a blog post: “What happens when you hear an ad telling you about Ulta’s ‘Hello Holidays’ sale or an offer from Athletic Greens giving you 25% off when you subscribe? to a monthly subscription? You are often forced to remember a promo code or URL, or make a mental note to look up the offer when you come back to your phone or laptop. This process is far from transparent. [Call-to-Action] Cards will appear in the app as soon as a podcast ad starts playing and reappear later as you explore the Spotify app, making it easier for you to find out what brand, product, or service you have. heard while listening.

The new feature is only available on select Spotify-exclusive podcasts in the US as of today. It’s clear when (or if) Spotify will open up this feature to other shows.

]]> Charlotte Gill Podcast Review 8) Matt Chorley with Andrew Gimson, Nick Robinson with Ed Balls Wed, 05 Jan 2022 11:03:10 +0000

Every fortnight, ConservativeHome will compile a handful of podcast recommendations – content that has been posted in the previous weeks – for its readers. While these will focus primarily on podcasts for conservative listeners, we’ll try to include other options – if they’re particularly interesting. Sometimes this feature will contain other types of media.

Title: Podcast on Red Box Politics
Host: Matt Chorley
Episode: Gimson’s PMs: From Thatcher to Johnson

Duration: 1 hour, 1 minute
Publication: 12 December
Link: Right here

What is it about?

In this fun exchange with Matt Chorley, Andrew Gimson, editor-in-chief of Home Curator, author and historian, takes listeners through the time of British prime ministers, starting with Margaret Thatcher and ending with Boris Johnson. The episode, recorded late last year, marks 300 years since Britain obtained its first Prime Minister, in the form of Robert Walpole, in 1721. It is full of ideas, as well as comparisons between leaders; find out who Gimson thinks Johnson looks most like at the end.

Some teaser quotes:
  • “Blair knew how to talk to everyone, from the Duchess to the housekeeper. He could put on the right tone and he had a genius, I’m afraid, to bore his own party and thus convince Middle England that he had to be a pretty solid guy and that he was really a little conservative.
  • On Gordon Brown: “Who knows, maybe he would have been a very great Prime Minister if he had come in 1997, but he waited 10 years, claiming to be satisfied with the post of Chancellor of the Exchequer”.
  • About David Cameron: “He was a very Anglican figure in some ways; he was a great believer in good conduct and compromise, but – as far as doctrine was concerned – he was quite flexible about it. “

Very informative, and the time flies.

Title: Political Thought with Nick Robinson
Host: Nick Robinson
Episode: The Ed Balls Christmas Special

Duration: 37 minutes
Posted: December 27
Link: Right here

What is it about?

Recorded before Christmas, in this interview, Nick Robinson sits down with Ed Balls, former Secretary of State for Children, School and Family, to discuss extensively about his life outside of politics, his love of cooking, teaching at King’s College. London, to the 10 years he spent learning the piano. Perhaps the most interesting part of the discussion is when Balls discusses his interest in understanding people he doesn’t agree with; this makes a good change from some of the name calling Tories and / or Brexiteers have grown accustomed to, from the opposition benches, in recent years.

Some teaser quotes:
  • On a career in politics – “It’s not a conventional career, where you can rise and where you see your future stretching out in front of you … In politics, it’s totally unpredictable, and there is is so lucky, we’re in the right place and the moment opens, but when you have the chance, it’s brilliant, difficult, such a responsibility, such an honor.
  • “Really, I thought I was in danger of having a midlife crisis – so I should plan it.”
  • “One of the essential things you need to do in politics is reach out to people who need to be persuaded. And if you take the current situation, there are people who voted Conservative in 2019, who voted Labor in 2015 or 2010… Labor will only win if they persuade these people to come back. And if it sometimes seems like Labor is saying ‘you voted for the bad guys’… I mean, how bad, how reprehensible it is. “

An interesting exchange – indicating a man who never tires of the limelight yet.

Title: The Brendan O’Neill Show
Hosted by Brendan O’Neill
Episode: David Starkey: Containment is the Revenge of the Elites

Duration: 58:29 minutes
Posted: December 24

What is it about?

In this drunken episode, David Starkey leaves you with no illusions about what he thinks of Boris Johnson – hint: it’s not pretty – his government and its blockages. What’s particularly interesting is that, despite his vehement opposition to the government’s pandemic measures, Starkey has a fairly pragmatic approach to the hesitant vaccine – explaining to listeners why he thinks libertarian arguments have failed here.

Some teaser quotes:
  • On Boris Johnson: “He doesn’t seem to really believe in anything… he vacillates from one position to another; and…, as so often happens to people in power who hold no firm opinion, he was captured.
  • “We have a government that thinks it knows better than those who elected it, because it’s powered by a civil service, it’s powered by a judicial system, it’s powered by … various kinds of medical elites. “.
  • “All the time we hear ‘science says’. Science does not say; science is not an instrument for manipulating popular opinion; science is speculative; science is hesitant; scientific debates. Instead, he’s turned into a weapon of propaganda and manipulation, and most importantly a gigantic alibi for incompetence. “

As with the Gimson interview, you get what you pay for – in terms of a large amount of information packed into one episode. Starkey challenges stereotypical notions of what a Conservative should support in terms of Covid measures.

The Terrible Podcast – Talking Steelers-Browns Recap, Injuries, Roethlisberger Final Home Game, Listeners Questions & More Tue, 04 Jan 2022 18:23:00 +0000

Season 12, Episode 72 of The terrible podcast is now in the box. On Tuesday’s show, Alex Kozora and I immediately talked about the Pittsburgh Steelers’ home win on Monday night over the Cleveland Browns.

We go through the Monday night game from top to bottom and we start by reviewing the game on the offensive side of football. We’re talking about the running game showing a lot of life on Monday night and how the passing game didn’t.

We move on to discuss the Steelers’ defense play on Monday night. This conference includes us discussing the future of a few players such as cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon and defensive tackle Montravius ​​Adams. You can bet we’re talking about outside linebacker TJ Watt’s play as well.

Alex and I review the health of the squad coming out of Monday night’s game and also talk about what will likely be the last contest at Heinz Field for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

We then move on to conclude this Tuesday show by answering several questions from our listeners.

Direct Download Link: The Terrible Podcast – Talking Steelers-Browns Recap, Injuries, Roethlisberger Final Home Game, Listeners Questions and more

As always, we love to talk about football, especially Steelers football. We hope you enjoy listening! We hope you’ll listen to each week and give us your thoughts on two fans talking about Steelers football. Download it to your mobile device and listen to it anytime.

We invite comments and questions, and they can be sent to [email protected], and follow the show on Twitter @TerriblePodcast. You can also call our new hotline at (814) 429-YINZ (9469) to let us know your thoughts or ask us questions for a future podcast.

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Please sit down and enjoy The Terrible Podcast Season 12 Episode 72 now.


CounterClock podcast questions Jeff Pelley’s guilt Mon, 03 Jan 2022 11:04:53 +0000

When Jeff Pelley returns to South Bend in March from his Michigan City jail cell for a multi-day hearing before a St. Joseph Superior judge, someone unrelated to the case will be in the courtroom to monitor and Listen carefully.

Delia D’Ambra will be there to gather material for additional episodes of “CounterClock Season 3,” one of the hottest true crime podcasts of 2021.

Her podcast has rekindled national interest in the case, in which the 17-year-old La Ville High School student was convicted of shooting and killing her father Robert, stepmother Dawn and step-sisters Janel. , 8, and Jolene, 6, at their Lakeville home on prom night in 1989.

The free podcast has been downloaded over 30 million times since its release in April and was named by Rolling Stone as one of the top 10 true crime podcasts of the year.