Blubrry opens up programmatic ad sales to small, independent podcasters. | Daily News Podcast


Programmatic advertising has arrived in podcasts with the biggest players. But like many new technologies, it’s more widely available to podcasters of all sizes. Hosting company Blubrry is the latest to offer programmatic ad sales to the shows it works with. The company has signed an exclusive programmatic ad sales agreement with SoundStack.

“Almost every podcaster I talk to wants monetization options; smaller shows have been at a disadvantage, but not anymore – every show can be monetized today,” said Blubrry CEO Todd Cochrane.

Cochrane tells creators in a blog post that they expect shows to see CPMs between $5 and $15. And while there are no download requirements or audience expectations, there is also no guarantee that all ads will be sold. Cochrane says not all podcast listens will be monetized, as region, time and inventory all play a role. Blubrry also excludes advertisers in several categories, including politics, gambling, religion, adult content, alcohol, vaping, and cannabis.

“Most shows will begin receiving ad placements immediately, but volume will increase over the first 60-90 days as the ad platform learns your posting habits and matches your show episodes to top advertisers,” says Cochrane. Payments are made monthly via PayPal, beginning approximately 90 days from the start of a show after reaching a minimum commission.

This exclusive partnership between Blubrry and SoundStack links two companies with a long history and recent rebranding and modernizations. SoundStack launched in April with the combination of audio companies Media Creek, EmpireStreaming, Live365, Abovecast and Audio Catapult – and the launch of its flagship product, SoundStack Engine, a solution that seamlessly integrates and automates streaming, podcasting and monetization for audio in one platform. It is led by CEO Jon Stephenson, chief revenue officer Rockie Thomas – who previously launched AdsWizz in the US – and chief operating officer Mike Reznick, former executive vice president of Triton Digital.

Stephenson says SoundStack has spent the last few months working to integrate Blubrry into their SoundStack Marketplace.

“Starting today, Blubrry creators big and small have the opportunity to receive audio ads from dozens of premium demand partners on SoundStack Marketplace,” he says in a blog post. “This partnership promotes accessibility for everyone and underscores SoundStack’s commitment to providing ad-agnostic technology and programmatic expertise, while helping to protect each podcaster’s brand.”

The companies plan to expand the new service and quickly add additional features in the coming months.


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